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Something to go to

photography & video installation

Life situations generate questions. The hidden becomes visible in thoughts, sensations and emotions imperceptible with the intellect, but known by the body and instinct. How do we inhabit the spaces we are looking at? how do we perceive ourselves? do we escape? Out there is inside here.

Photographic work - 16 photos / 1m x 0,80 cm

Video Installation / Black room / Duration: 3'47''

Photographic work

Video installation

Video Production (film & edition) : Claudio Logaldo

Sound Director: Martín Scaglia

Sound edition: Martín Scaglia / Claudio Logaldo

Requirements (minimum)

Screen size: 4m x 3m • Led p3 indoor / Laser Projector • The assembly design will be made according to the space. • Audio equipment: 4 sound boxes / Servers for screen mapping.

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