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Claudio Logaldo works as visual artist and also as innovation executive and coach.

He explores human nature, the relationship with Nature, the spaces we transit in life, spaces of continuous transformation and dynamism. 


He also investigates about Human Nature and Nature, essences that cannot be formulated in intellectual terms. A feeling that existence means more than we think. In the same space serenity and chaos, freedom and prison, relief and despair, balance and caos.

All needed to evolve.

He works traveling to natural places, in contact with wildlife during expeditions, as well as urban scenarios. He is passionate about Nature, religions, ancient rituals and civilizations, human behavior and internal development.

During 2000s, he started studying creative photography with (film director, publicist, photographer) individually and in creative laboratory of.

Today he continues working with contemporary art, involving different artistic disciplines: photography, paintings, video, sound and video installations.

He attended from 2016 till 2020, Ananké Asseff's weekly workshops, in her contemporary art Laboratory of work analysis on annual basis and Adriana Ablin's weekly painting workshops during 2019.

During 2014, two works (Open Sky and In Transit) were selected by the National Academy of Fine Arts and the National Salon of Visual Arts in Argentina and over the years he participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Buenos Aires



2014 - Work of the series "In transit", selected in the 103rd National Salon of Visual Arts Palais de Glace - 2014

2014 - Work of the series "A cielo abierto", selected by the National Academy of Fine Arts - Francisco Ayerza 2014 - Museum of Plastic Arts Eduardo Sívori Individual exhibitions

2011 - Oxygen - APDEBA Psychoanalytic Association of Buenos Aires - Curator Rodolfo Lozano

2010 – Oxígeno – Fotogalería Laurak Bat – Curador Rodolfo Lozano

Nature is indomitable, unpredictable. All you have to do is sit for a long time to realize that nothing that happens around you is predictable. And in that uncertainty I find a lot of peace, love, reflection and many sensations.


In Nature, the new takes centuries, and the old lasts longer than human life. There is always something new: where there was a volcano, today there is a jungle, where there was a jungle, today a desert, and so on in each ecosystem.

And observing that, I can't stop imagining the magnitude of the changes, seconds of force, to change the landscape suddenly.


Thanks to the dozens of people who explained to me, answered my questions. They dedicate their lives to understanding a part of a fantastic whole, leaving their contribution to knowledge, passionate, with their time and energy, which is all we have.


The explanations are incredible, there are thanks to them and I love listening to them.


I can only be there for a while, observing in silence, doing some activity and looking at details, a part, through the camera, to try to capture something of it and share it later.
I am aware that capturing refers to only one sense, vision. Sharing everything that happens, I think I'm not going to make it, because the 5 senses are activated in presence.


What I observe is part of a dynamic, Nature, Civilizations and what they left behind. A dynamic that I feel is greater than what I can count, thousands of species, rocks, etc. all together. Ask, find answers. Sometimes.


I prioritize a place because of a feeling of the moment, or a curiosity that I carried with me as a child, and for many more reasons, but that is where I want to go.


The impact that being there has on me generates a lot of sensations and imaginations and reflections, in my head and in my heart. Nature, art, life come together in my feeling.


As a child I watched documentaries, read Nature magazines and told myself: “be there”.


Faced with Nature, I feel part of the unknown and part, I am in the place that It put me and gives me air every day, and yes, in an instant of that continuous transformation, which is the one that touches me.


Thanks to those who shared trips, my brothers, friends and the people I came across, everything is integrated.


“Viva la vida”


Claudio A. Logaldo

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