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12 Ciudades en México: piedras que hablan


Analogue photography - Direct shots

BONAMPAK - MAYAS, CHIAPAS, Main chronological location: Classic, 300 to 900 AD.

CHICHEN ITZA - MAYAS, YUCATÁN, Chronology 525 to 1200 AD

CHOLULA - TOLTECAS & CHICHIMECAS, PUEBLA, Chronology: 650 a.C. to 1521 d.C. Main chronological location: Classic, 200 to 800 d. C.

MITLA - ZAPOTECAS, OAXACA, Chronology: 200 1521 AD. Main chronological location: Late Postclassic 1200 to 1521 AD.

MONTE ALBAN - ZAPOTECAS, OAXACA, It was founded in 500 BC on the top of a mountain in the center of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca and functioned as the capital of the Zapotecs from the beginning of our era until 800 AD.