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video installation - immersive

Fragmenting Nature to build a non-place. Patterns that come together in a totality that could continue to expand to infinity, permanent, superimposed, inexhaustible.

How do we perceive the nature of which we are a part? what do we own? What do we feel alien? What contains us?


The work is built with tens of thousands of superimposed videos of cut, fragmented scenes, filmed in different areas of nature during trips of different ecosystems in Latin America.

Then I form a Pattern 1, the floor: the videos are superimposed forming a projected movement on the floor. The following Pattern 2 (Video and wall 1), contains scales at different starting times of Pattern 1, with more than 20 initial patterns and also overlapping Pattern 1.

In turn, central video becomes a pattern for Video 2 with thousands of superimposed videos. The latter will in turn be the pattern for videos 3 and 4, which will be patterns for videos 5 and 6, until reaching a new final composition in video 7.

The resulting sound comes from the mix of dozens of sound tracks also extracted from the various ecosystems, inviting the viewer to complete the experience with a composition built specifically for the work.

Video Installation / Continuous loop / Duration of videos: 3:42

Video Production (film & edition) : Claudio Logaldo

Sound Director: Martín Scaglia

Sound edition: Claudio Logaldo / Martín Scaglia

Requirements (minimum)

Screen and largest wall size: 4m x 8m screen • Led p3 indoor / Laser Projector • The assembly design will be made according to the space. • Audio equipment: 4 sound boxes / Servers for screen mapping. • 3 screens on the wall / 2 in the center of the room (3mx2m) / 2 hanging (2mx1,5m) and 1 screen on the walkable led floor.

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