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Animated movie with 75 animal characters of the Nature in their natural habitats, with texts.


Prior to the emergence of humans on Earth, animals existed for millions of years.


Humans and animals share a common genetic heritage.


Animals are superior to humans in some areas: they swim, fly, penetrate the earth and they possess their own knowledge.


Traditions throughout human history have created worldviews that give animals a role in the inner development of human beings.


Throughout our lives, animals cross our paths, including our thoughts and feelings.


Some believe that when an animal attracts our attention, if we observe its behavior and qualities, we may find answers in our heart.


They have that power too...

PAN Video animation & sound installation: Continuous repetition / Duration: 18'41'' / 3 walls with 25 animals each. 10m long x 5m high each.

PAN Film animation: Duration 1h

Produced and written by: CLAUDIO LOGALDO

Music & sound composed and produced by: CLAUDIO LOGALDO

Languages: english, spanish & portuguese

Copyright © 2023-2024 Claudio A. Logaldo. Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved

PAN Video animation and sound Installation

PAN Film animation

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