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Study of Freedom
Mural (photographs painted with ink) & video installation

Forces. Context. Impulse. Structures. Boundaries. Areas. Functions. Say. Doubt. To think. Believe. And again. Movement. Hive. What's behind?

The formula of freedom, finding one's own formula, behind everything.

Beyond the formula to survive.

Photographs: 64 – 22cm x 28cm / Direct shots of seagulls (Patagonia, Argentina) and Arachnids (Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil). Photographs are painted with ink.

Mural: 8 x 8 (2.5m x 1.85m)

Video installation: Continuous repetition / Video duration: 2:42 / footage of a colony of arachnids in Brazil. Projection on hanging fabric panels, with small fans causing movement.


Video installation

Video Production (film & edition) : Claudio Logaldo

Sound edition: Claudio Logaldo

Requirements (minimum)

Fabric panels: (4) 1m x 3m each• Laser Projector • The assembly design will be made according to the space. • Audio equipment: 4 sound boxes / Servers for screen mapping.

Photographs painted in detail

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