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Immersed in a culture of symbols, fast, full off information. Time runs and we try to dive with the intellect on what we perceive. The visual, urban, industrial technological language, as part of the language of human nature.

A non-external place, which is an internal place.

Patterns that are repeated in different spaces: in sound, in Nature, in what surrounds us, and in ourselves.

Everything is permanent.

I composed the music of the video by extracting patterns of different lengths (1 ’’, 2 ’’, 1.5 ’’) from a piece that is a drum improvisation performed by the musician Gabriel Logaldo, during his rehearsal sessions. Then I generated another order, composing a new piece and aggregating new sounds.

Video Installation / Black Box Room / Continuous loop / Duration: 2:50

Video Production (film & edition): Claudio Logaldo

Music composition and edition: Claudio Logaldo

Sound Director: Martín Scaglia

Drums: Gabriel Logaldo

Requirements (minimum).

Screen 4m x 3m (Led p3 indoor/ Laser projector). The assembly design will be made according to the space. • Audio equipment: 4 sound boxes / Servers for screen mapping.

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